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The London Company

Pro-Active Recruitment

The London Company sets up 40-plus systems and procedures for client companies, which enable them to effectively recruit professionals. These new systems save corporate America time and money, and enable them to recruit the best of the best professionals.

The London Pro-Active Recruitment Process:

1. Define Objectives:
  • A thorough understanding of clients Business and Culture.

  • Obtain information on responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationship and profile of the executive needed.

  • Develop the search plan.

  • Company feedback.

  • 2. Identify and Access Candidates:
  • Utilization of 40+ Pro-Active Recruitment resources.

  • Identify and target candidates using global databases and network of contacts.

  • Evaluate and screen candidates.

  • Short list of candidates.

  • Prepare background profiles.

  • Company feedback.

  • 3. Interview Process:
  • Setup interviews of the "best of the best" candidates with client.

  • Obtain feedback and response from candidate and client.

  • Conduct reference documents.

  • Prepare detailed reports on candidates weaknesses and strengths.

  • Select final candidates to be interviewed.

  • Company feedback.

  • 4. Select Executive or Candidate:
  • Conduct final interviews.

  • The London Company will assist in negotiations with salary and benefits.

  • Company feedback.

  • 5. Follow Up:
  • Take care of candidates mental and personal concerns.

  • Ensure client satisfaction.

  • Company feedback.

  • "Knowledge, growth, and success are yours now!"

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